Newburyport Daily News

Today, I met a photographer for the Newburyport Daily News at a nearby state park to take a few photos for the upcoming article about me & the marathon. After taking a few pics, I decided to stick around and do my run in the park. I ran an old course that I ran about a million times during cross country in high school. I wasn’t sure I’d remember it but I did. It’s funny how 10 years can go by and I still remembered the whole thing. Here’s a pic from the trails.


A little over a week until my 1/2 marathon! 6 months until the I’m back on Boylston Street!!


All donations are greatly appreciated. 100% of my proceeds will go directly to research and treatment of children and adults living with various illnesses impacting the liver.


New Shoes!


I finally got new shoes after at least a month of saying that I had to go get some. I opted for the Brooks Ghost 6 (above). I’ve gone on 2 runs in them since I got them on Thursday. So far, everything is good. The biggest thing for me is finding a shoe that doesn’t have a gigantic built-in arch and this is the one I found. The transition was smooth…no complaints of blisters. Not that it matters in the actual running scheme of things but I like the design too. Brooks appears to be stepping it up in that area.

Now I’m really in need of some new winter running gear…it’s getting colder!

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New ideas

My training and fundraising are underway. I am in the process of planning a private party for friend and family at a local pub that I used to work at. I’m busy printing tickets, making raffle baskets, and organizing. I was also just interviewed by a reporter at the Newburyport Daily News. They are going to be running a story about my experience at the marathon last year and my journey back to the finish line. I am super excited about that. I’m also organizing a fundraising event called “Penny Wars” at the high school that I graduated from in ’04. I’m really excited about that one. In a few weeks, my fundraising letter will be going out to local businesses. My fundraising site looks pretty weak right now, but I have a lot in the works.

In other news, my 1/2 marathon is coming up at the end of October. In the last few weeks, I’ve done a 10 miler, a 9 Miler, and an 8 miler. I’m scheduled for another 10 miles on Friday with my friend Laurie. If I can get an 11 or 12 in (plus all my shorter runs), I’ll feel pretty confident going into the 1/2.

No injuries to report, except for a nagging pain in my left quad. In desperate need of new shoes. Tomorrow, I swear.


Today was the perfect day for a long run. I’m John’s house for the weekend so this morning I set out with no distinct route in mind. I knew I wanted to get to at least 9 miles. At around mile 4 or 5, I started getting bored and decided to head down a street I’ve never been on before. I ended up running straight into the Reebok World Headquarters…who knew? I was very intrigued and there was no security guard at the front gate so, naturally, I decided to explore. It was like a mecca of ultra green grass and high-tech buildings. I was running around thinking, “How did I not know this was here” and “This is pretty cool, I’ve never worn Reebok but maybe I should check this out.” I headed up to the main building to snap a photo of the side of the building that read, “3…2…1…GO!” I was feeling really inspired and super positive about my Saturday run.

Just when I had satisfied my curiosity and decided to turn back, a guy in a black SUV pulled up beside me, rolled down his window, looked at me like I was a Nike spy, and said, “I take it that you’re not a Reebok employee.” What the hell is that supposed to mean guy? Do I not look sleek enough to work for Reebok? Am I not wearing a coordinated enough neon outfit? Sorry I’m not 43 and running in a skirt (by the way, when did that become a trend?). I just looked at him and said, “Nope I’m not, I’m just running” and I went on my way. Maybe they should have had a sign or someone actually at the open gate to tell me I wasn’t allowed on the exclusive premises.

Thanks for nothing Reebok. At least you gave me something to think about between miles 6 and 9. Maybe I’ll be back next weekend 😉

It’s official!


I have been really worried about getting a bib number for the marathon. I obviously wasn’t going to qualify (you can find me with the 10 minute mile “pack”), so my plan was to go the charity route. I think there is something so rewarding about running not only for myself, but for other people who need something too. In all honesty, I knew being selected for a team would be a long shot. After gettting an email from one charity I applied to stating that I wasn’t selected for their 10 person team bc there were over 670 applicants, I really started to doubt that I’d make the cut. Then, today, I got a call! After I pay the registration fee and register online, I will officially be a charity runner for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

This is proof positive that if you really set your mind on something, you can make it happen.